About: Dr Jayne Meyer Tucker

_MG_9041Greetings… Why I do What I do:

Introducing me – I am a champion for social outcomes – which includes emergent impact!

I want to create a shift in thinking away from outputs, away from measurement that leads to the same, to outcomes that lead to changes in complex societal issues.


Reform is not needed, neither is evolution. What is needed is a revolution to an outcomes based system that is fit for purpose in this 21st century.” JMT2015


Under the solo-entrepreneur umbrella of JMTinc I operate as a Social Engineer applying my ingenuity to develop solutions for shared social, environmental and economic outcomes for Australia.

I provide:

  • Key-note speeches
  • Thought Leadership authorship
  • Board level and CSuite group observation and facilitation

I enjoy working with:

  • For Social Purpose organisations
  • Government
  • Private sector
  • Boards and CSuite Executives
  • Groups looking for outcomes motivation & inspiration

The vision of JMTinc – better outcomes for all

The mission of JMTinc – tackling Australian complex social issues (square pegs in round holes) through emergent impact methods to achieve better outcomes

The purpose of JMTinc – all facets to be outcomes and emergent impact focused

  • SocialConnect (EIM™)
  • Consequences
  • X Qu’s

Overtime the facets of JMTinc will become digitally available with the first facet launch being presented within this website Social Connect – www.socialconnect.com.au

SocialConnect – provides a platform to connect social outcomes and investments.

Through SocialConnect I present three discoveries that guide this connection:

  1. key principle
  2. notable missing link
  3. confounding factor

Using an outcomes confidence rating system I have created an emergent impact navigator (EIM™).

Building on my PhD research I introduce STRADDLE™. STRADDLE™ balances the tensions between structure and spontaneity where I share both my personal and professional experiences of STRADDLE™ – (E-Book coming soon).

As a champion for long term sustainable change I offer perspectives to encourage us all to think differently and make a change – either way there are CONSEQUENCES!

The Consequences Blog is for those who like me are committed to growing the outcomes not the organisation.

The X Qu’s provide a useful tool for reflection and an awesome way to introduce a little more about me:

About Me:

What I like….

  • Love early mornings
  • Countdown to events
  • Daily exercise
  • Dining out with my favourite people
  • Embracing ambiguity and change

What I don’t like…..

  • Being cold
  • Confined spaces
  • Wasting time
  • Not learning from mistakes
  • Short term limitations

What I do differently….

  • Action my eternal optimism
  • Develop foundations to support bold goals
  • Join up dots and connections with outcomes

What I celebrate…..

  • Being alive (making it to mid life and beyond!)
  • My health and wellbeing
  • My significant others and life (this I embrace)
  • The opportunities for change
  • Life long Learning – (currently being addressed with PhD)

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